Property Rules and Regulations

In the interest of security, we remind all residents to allow building access only to those people they know or are expecting. When entering the building, do not hold the door open for anyone unless you know that they reside in the building.

Tenants whose doors have been equipped with deadbolt locks are strongly encouraged to use them at all times.

The use of barbeques, grills or hibachis is strictly prohibited on all properties.

Be advised that while fireplaces have been fitted in some units, no attempt should be made to operate them. All fireplaces have been disabled and do not work.

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are installed for the safety and protection of all tenants. These detectors serve an important alert function in the event of an emergency. If your detector’s battery is low or you are having problems with these detectors, please submit a maintenance request. Do not tamper with or disengage these devices.

Tenants are not permitted to access or use the roof of the building or fire escapes other than for emergency egress. Please become familiar with the emergency exits in your building.

Personal Property Insurance (Renter’s Insurance) is strongly recommended. Damaged or stolen property is solely the responsibility of the tenant and is not covered by the management company’s insurance policy. Please contact your insurance agent to choose the appropriate policy and coverage for your individual needs. If you do not have an insurance agent you may contact Knapp, Schenck and Company Insurance Agency, Inc at 617-742-3366 for assistance or access their website at

Parking anywhere on the property for any length of time is strictly prohibited unless it has been specifically agreed upon in your lease, or you have rented a space from us under a separate written parking agreement. Any cars found parked illegally will be towed. If you are interested in renting a parking space you may contact the Management Office at 617-964-4600.

Guest parking is not available at the apartment buildings. Please contact the local Transportation Department for municipal parking information. Unauthorized vehicles will be towed.

Please remember that you are part of a community. Show courtesy to your neighbors by keeping music and noise to a minimum, especially between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.

All trash must be contained in tightly secured plastic garbage bags. Trash bags should not contain liquids that may leak in transit to the disposal site. Trash must be put into the appropriate receptacles and may not be left in the hallways or common areas.

The storage of personal property in the hallways or common areas is prohibited by fire code. Bicycles, baby strollers, furniture and other personal property will be removed and disposed of at the owner’s expense.

Bicycles may not be stored outside of the building unless a bicycle rack is provided by the Landlord. Bicycles must be stored in the apartment unless the Landlord has provided a designated indoor space.

Window Air Conditioning Units
The installation of air conditioners by tenants is not permitted.


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